Data Security

  When it comes to sensitive data, security becomes an issue. We understand that and this page is to help explain how we protect our data.

1. Every page you visit on (excluding links to external sites) is secured with a minimum of 2048bit SSL encryption. This means that all data you transmit to and from our web site is encrypted, including your portfolios. You should see every page you visit on our web site start with https://.

2. Our web server is automatically kept up to date with the latest security patches and updates keeping us one step ahead.

3. Our database access is restricted to only one user: The web site programmer. No other person has security access to our database.

4. Our web site is protected by a firewall which features Intrusion Detection. Our firewall prevents access to our database completely. No outside user can "tap-in" to our database because our firewall simply blocks such traffic.

5. We log on multiple levels. All traffic to our web site is logged at 4 different levels. We log web site requests at the HTTP level, web site request at the server level in W3C format, we log all server logins and we log all TCP/UDP traffic at the router level.

6. Our server is protected by Anti Virus software 24/7 and automatically updates it self with the latest security threats.

7. Consumer data is NEVER displayed on our web site or even within the HTML. This includes social security number, account number, name, address, and so on. SO EVEN IF your username and password got out - they would not see anything other than analysis reports, never any private consumer information.

8. Our data security meets or exceeds PCI Compliance Security Standard requirments.

9. We are 100% committed to data security and confidentiality.

10. Our website is tested on a daily basis for security threats by service